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6 weeks ROI! Thats the way to sell it!

James, 6 weeks ROI for your customer for an ISIP 30/30. Thats the way to sell it!

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Look at these new Super Low prices

Let us know how you are using these new Super Low prices to sell your SIP trunk services. We won't publish them without your permission.

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Splicecom provides ISIP gateway through its resellers

Great News. Splicecom have made the ISIP gateway available to all their resellers so they can "unlock" frustrated SIP Trunk sales.

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I'm sorry, Im sorry

I apologise to our BT Versatility, LG/Nortel and Samsung customers for missing you off the New Year greeting. 7/10 must try harder!

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New Year - New blog

ISDN SIP Conversion

Happy New Year to all customers, including you Alcatel, Avaya, Meridian, Mitel, Panasonic, Siemens, Splicecom and Toshiba users.

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