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About us

Thank you for visiting the ISIP gateway website. We hope you have been able to take advantage of these products to help UK organisations with “non VOIP” PBXs to access the savings that come from switching from ISDN to SIP Trunks.

Should you be unable to find the information you require to seize the opportunities these products provide, please email your query to:- 


KINETIX and its management team have a lengthy and successful involvement in making paradigm shifts within the British Voice and Data Communications market, through:

  • Identification of disparities in the customer need/available products and services equation.
  • Specifying or influencing product or service design to bring to market a significant shift in the availability of solutions to solve the disparities identified.
  • Mentoring capable people to start up new businesses to deliver these solutions
  • Early stage investing in British companies/ products to accelerate bringing such solutions to market.
  • Specifying, creating and marketing such solutions in a disruptive manner to accelerate change.

Success stories:

While there may be others that have created more of a paradigm shift in the UK marketplace, the most widely known product resulting from the influences above is probably that currently known as AVAYA’s IP Office.

Why ISIP gateway? ……Simple!

Businesses in the UK today waste hundreds of millions of pounds on excessive ISDN charges. As a proud supporter of British Industry, we believe this should not be allowed to continue. There are a multitude of SIP Trunk service offerings in the market capable of providing huge cost savings and superior performance for businesses,

But thousands of companies are unable to readily take advantage of these because of the design of their existing PBX and are unwilling, at this time to replace it with a VOIP PBX on (on-premise or in the Cloud). ISIP gateway provides you with a low cost simple solution to overcome this hurdle and move the potential Customer onto your SIP services straight away, instead of having to wait until they change their mind and hope that you are the SIP service provider that calls them at that time.

Of course there are other gateway products (mainly foreign) you could use for this purpose. But these tend to be multipurpose products that are priced significantly higher than ISIP gateway and require significant technical understanding, thus eliminating most of the cost savings you are able to offer the prospective Customer. ISIP gateway was developed for this one purpose and in addition to being a fraction of the cost and dead simple to install, we can also provide you with ongoing monitoring of your installed estate.


Like all KINETIX solutions, its not just the product that’s different. 

  • British manufacture and order fulfilment ensures supply when you need it and at a constant price.
  • British customer service and online technical support ensures quality support in your working day.
  • 3 year warranty with optional advance replacement with remote maintenance facility. Next working day.or advance replacement  options. 

Who are KINETIX?

Probably the most helpful British business enabler in the Voice and Data Communications Industry.