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ISIP 30 family converts 30 ISDN channels to up to 30 SIP Trunks. [*52 Week Lead Time]

ISIP 30 family converts 30 ISDN channels to up to 30 SIP Trunks. [*52 Week Lead Time]


ISIP30 converts one PRI connection from your PBX to up to 30 SIP Trunks.

*Please note all ISIP 30 products are currently on a 52 week lead time.

The ISIP gateway has been developed to provide the lowest cost ISDN – SIP conversion from a high quality product. Each ISIP gateway product is supplied to fit each individual customer’s requirements, paying only for the services they use.

If they currently have, for example a Primary Rate ISDN Interface providing 10 ISDN channels the simplest approach is to provide them with 10 SIP trunks. Ordering the PRI 30/10 gateway provides this 10 trunk support on a Primary Rate ISDN interface that the customer plugs their ISDN cable into. You are only charged for the 10 channels that you require for this customer. Likewise, if they used 20 channels the ISIP 30/20 would be selected. Thus you only pay for the capacity that you and the customer agree to have provided. This minimises the cost of providing this ISDN to SIP conversion and maximises the likelihood of the prospect becoming a customer. Additional SIP trunk support can be added with the push of a button.

The BRI (Basic Rate Interface) products are priced and fulfilled in a similar manner. The ISIP 8  gateway supports 4xBRI ports providing the equivalent of 8 SIP trunks. In keeping with the ISDN provision model the BRI gateway is provisioned and priced per BRI port (2 channel ISDN – 2 SIP trunk increments). If your prospect currently has 3, ISDN BRIs from BT, you would order the ISIP 8/6 product and the customer can simply unplug the cable from each of the three BT BRI boxes and plug them into the first three BRI ports on the ISIP 8 gateway. Its as simple as that. If the customer then added an additional BRI capability to their PBX they would simply plug this additional cable into the ISIP gateway’s fourth port. The additional channels /SIP trunks would be enabled with the push of a button.

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