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Product Purpose

The ISIP product range has been developed specifically as a Business Enabler.

Many legacy PBXs installed today that are connected to BT ISDN services are “non-IP” and as such cannot simply use SIP services.  So when presented with the overwhelming benefits of SIP over ISDN the prospective customer has to make a choice: they agree to change their existing PBX for an IP based on-premise or hosted PBX offering or decline the offer of SIP services.

While to the SIP service provider the choice is obvious, many prospective customers see this as a dilemma. The cost savings are very attractive but they have neither the budget nor desire to change their existing PBX and associated phones at this time.

For the SIP service provider this results in a non-sale with a need to follow up with regular calls to ensure they have the opportunity when the prospective customer may be ready for such a change.